General introduction 

With the effort of Director Chongguang Zhang and his initial study and development in the subject of anesthesiology, the Anesthesia department started to develop in 1959, initially as a division of the Surgery Department. In 1971, the anesthesia group was officially established as an independent department responsible for clinic service including general anesthesia for both adult and children, epidural anesthesia, nerve block, as well as combined acupuncture anesthesia.



The Anesthesia Department is now composed of 63 doctors including: 9 chief physicians, 13 associate-chief physicians, 27 attending doctors and 14 residents. The department has constantly grown, leading to rapid development in various aspects in clinic, research and education in the past 50 years.


Clinical Service 

Currently, the Anesthesia Department has accomplished around 30,000 elective and emergent surgeries of various types in the OR  anually, as well as 3,000 cases that include painless endoscopy, endoscopic submucosal dissection (ESD) in the out-patient center per year. The postoperative recovery room, established in 2012, has been playing an important role in promoting perioperative medical safety, quality and efficiency. In addition, we are also responsible for resuscitation for critically ill patients by timely performing live-saving trachea intubation for the entire hospital.


In recent years, the Anesthesia department has been dedicating to improving clinical abilities and meeting requirements from surgical departments in efforts to achieve the goal of mutual development and innovation.


In clinical work, we have achieved trachea intubation visualization and anesthesia depth monitor popularization in all ORs, we have also introduced several precision techniques which are perioperative hemostatic monitoring, close-loop target control infusion, warming infusion and micro-invasive hemodynamic monitoring.


In particular, as anesthesia is acknowledged to be an important component in the emerging ERAS, we have started working on nerve block techniques which includes transverse abdominal plain incisional and infiltration, anesthesia plan modification, anesthesia management optimization and postoperative analgesia improvement, thereby decreasing postop complications and promoting postoperative recovery.

In 2018, as the painless hospital construction project continued to progress, anesthesia department carried out work of standardized pain management for the perioperative period based on multimode pain management and comfort medicine, thus helped promoting perioperative analgesia, especially postoperative safety and quantity. What is more, we have gathered valuable experiences from many special anesthesia practices for instance, single lung ventilation management in thoracic operations, anesthesia management for pheochromocytoma, difficult airway management and anesthesia for pediatric patients with cancer.

Speaking of pediatric patients in particular, we are capable of  performing anesthesia for patients with low body weight and of young age undergoing major ontological surgeries,(the youngest age is 12-day old, the lowest body weight is 5kg)and capable of performing single-lung ventilation anesthesia for pediatric patients and providing satisfied surgical condition while guaranteeing stable ventilation and hemodynamics status.



In academic research, our department currently have 4 projects of natural science foundation of China and many municipal, hospital and university projects. we have carried on profound studies on subjects of anesthesia and postop cognitive function alteration, anesthesia and major organ protection as well as the effect of anesthesia on tumor recurrence and metastasis and have received some results.

Our department has publications in SCI journals, Chinese Journal of Anesthesia and core journals every year, we also have projects that fill in gaps of new technology as well as scientific achievement registrations.

For Many years, anesthesia supervisors Lubo Gao, Guanghua Zhang and Zhenguo Zhao have cultivated many graduate students and have done a lot of work for departmental academic promotion and talent gradient construction.

In education, anesthesia department is one of the internship bases for graduate students and medical school students from Tianjin Medical University, what is more anesthetist around China are welcomed to our department for continuation education.In the year 2005, doctor David Kimm from Queens and Presbyterian Hospital of New York was appointed the honorable director of anesthesia department in our hospital, his visit brought to the department a lot of help and guidance.

In recent years , we have sent several batches of young doctors abroad for communication and studying, meanwhile, our department actively participates in national, district and municipal meetings of various subjects and hosts municipal academic conferences every year as well. At present, many doctors of ours  holding positions in different academic organizations have helped building platform on which the department influence is increasingly expanded. Director Jincheng Li is currently the standing committee member of Cancer Anesthesia and Analgesia of Anti cancer Association of China. Director Hong Wei Zhao is also the standing committee member of Cancer Anesthesia and Analgesia of Anticancer Association of China, she is also the member of Cardiovascular and Thoracic Anesthesia Association of China, standing committee member of Thoracic Branch as well as member of Tianjin Anesthesia Association.

Of all these years, the department aimed at developing as well as constructing a harmonious working environment based on the motto of safety, harmony, preciseness and innovation.

In the star service selection, our department has won the 5-star department for many consecutive years. In the mean time, Chinese communist party members in our department take the lead, setting examples for various department works. In the special tasks of Tibet and Xinjiang aiding and anti-SARS, Doctor Jincheng Li, Changqing Ma, Weihang Wang, Fengwen Zhang, Bing Guo, Shaoyong Yang sacrificed themselves to provide whole-hearted service to the patients and were highly appraised and approved. Additionally, doctor Li was voted the best doctor and the top 10 medical worker in Tianjin twice.

Keeping original intention in mind and forging ahead with perseverance, in the new age, Tianjin Medical University Cancer Institute and Hospital anesthesia department will keep doing our best in contributing to a safe perioperative period for our patients.

Our Team
Yiqing Yin M.D.,Ph.D.
Hongwei Zhao M.D. Ph.D.
Vice Director
Dongyong Guo M.D.
Vice Director