General Introduction

The Department of Clinical Laboratory provides a24-hour service for tests and analysis on patients’ blood as well as body fluid specimens in our hospital. We are committed to excellence of service in patient care, education, and clinical research. We test the specimens from all the patients inour hospital and sign out the reports which will help doctors’ diagnosis and monitoring of the patients’ disease, and help patients toknow their condition better. Our focus is all patient services and clinical needs.

To provide comprehensive clinical service and cancer patient care, our department has 5 different functional groups with different responsibilities. We have Specimen Processing center, Hematology Lab, Microbiology Lab, Immunology Lab, and Biochemistry Lab.

International Standard ISO 15189 is one of the most recognized international quality standards in the world. It provides an effective quality control and technical competence assessment system. After 3 years of hard work, our department was accredited to ISO 15189 in 2013 and become the first ISO credited lab among the five affiliated hospitals of Tianjin Medical University. Working with ISO15189accreditation will enable us to meet international standards for patient care and laboratory management.  The testing reports issued by our department are accepted by more than 50 countries and regions all around the world. Our goal is to persist in pursuing high quality lab test results.

Faculty / Staff

The Department of Clinical Laboratory have a working team consisting of more than 70 staff members: 13 having doctor’s degrees and 23 having master’s degrees. Dr Li Ren is the Chair and medical director of the clinical laboratories, as well as the doctoral supervisor of Tianjin Medical University.She works to improve efficiency of the laboratory with a specific goal of improving the patient experience, increasing safety, and bringing the multiple medical personnel to work together as a team.

Our department was also designated as the center for Resident Standard Training and the Clinical Laboratory internship by Tianjin Medical University. We are responsible for teaching the interns from 5 medical universities, and for scholarship visitors from all over the country. So far, more than 200 interns and technicians have been trained in our department.


Since our hospital is an affiliated hospital of Tianjin Medical University, our department attachesgreat importance to research and education. We are the designatedresearch and teaching demonstration center for Beckman, the clinical research laboratory of “863”program, and the key lab of Tianjin Medical University. Our colleagues have presented high quality research and studies and have received a variety of awards at the conferences of clinical laboratory medicine organized by Chinese Medical Association.

So far, we have led the projects for two National High Technology Research and Development Programs of China (863 Program) and 10 National Natural Science Foundations. We have also won several Science and Technology Progress and Achievement awards fromTianjin City. More than 40 of our publications have been cited by SCI in the past3 years, and one of them had an impact factor of higher than 10. We also have more than 60 articles published in Major Chinese journals.

Clinical Service

To meet the needs of patients in our hospital, the laboratory makes a commitment that we carry out all-year-round work without holidays. Inpatient testing reports can be seen directly in the local area network, and the outpatient hematological routine repots will be signed out within 30 minutes. Other test reports are available inless than 3 hours in outpatients. We also have the official website and intelligent system to allowthe patients to quickly get the results at home. Our Department quality requirements: Quality is the life of test. Check disease patients, check our own level.

Our service calls are: 022-23340123 to 5201 (Tumor marker lab); 5202 (Immunology lab); 5203 (Biochemical lab); 5204 (Specimen Processing center); 5205 (Outpatient room); 5206 (Hematology Lab); 5207 (Blood Bank); 5209 ( Microbiology lab). Welcome to visit our website and we are looking forward to your guidance on our work.

Our Team
Li Ren M.D, Ph.D
Yueguo Li M.D.
Vice Director