The Department of Enhanced Recovery after Surgery is a multi-disciplinary expert consultation (MDT) and rapid rehabilitation surgery, with minimally invasive surgery and comfortable nursing services as its technical expertise, elegant and warm ward environment, professional and secure star service and patient care. It provides psychological counseling and health counseling, and is mainly for the comprehensive department of patients undergoing cancer surgery. There are a total of 44 beds including suites, single wards, double wards and intensive care units, with an annual operation of more than 500 cases. The team is built by a group of professional oncologists and oncology nurses with comprehensive technology, exquisite workmanship and rigorous responsibility. It is committed to providing high-end medical and nursing experience for the majority of patients with professionalization, whole process, humanization and comfort.


Director Dr. Pan Yuan focuses on the surgical and comprehensive treatment of gastrointestinal tumors, especially in the minimally invasive surgical treatment of stomach and other abdominal tumors. He has been a senior visiting scholar at the MDAnderson Cancer Center of the University of Texas, the world's top cancer center. He has received professional training in the standardization and precision treatment of cancer. He has studied minimally invasive surgery for gastric cancer in first-class gastric cancer treatment institutions in Japan and Korea. The comprehensive management of gastrointestinal tumors completed the first laparoscopic radical gastrectomy in our city. The old expert Qi Daliang is good at treating various chest tumors such as lung cancer and esophageal cancer. He is especially good at minimally invasive surgical treatment and individualized and precise treatment of such tumors. He has rich clinical experience.


The multi-disciplinary expert consultation system established by the senior ward is an extension of the advanced MDT diagnosis and treatment model in the field of international cancer diagnosis and treatment. The service target is the high-end medical treatment needs and rare and rare cases. The multi-disciplinary experts from the hospital form a team of experts. Time to give the patient an individualized, accurate, and full-scale diagnosis and treatment guidance. The consultation team can be composed of senior experts from the professional departments such as imaging, pathology, surgery, internal medicine, radiotherapy, anesthesiology, ICU, etc., and can invite other well-known experts from other top three hospitals in the city to participate in the consultation at any time according to the needs of the disease. While providing professional, high-quality, individualized medical treatment guidance, it eliminates the “ineffective work” process in the past medical treatment process, improves the efficiency of medical treatment, and improves the quality of diagnosis and treatment.


The concept of rapid rehabilitation surgery is a major innovation in the field of modern surgery. It is a general term for a series of preoperative, intraoperative and postoperative techniques aimed at reducing the iatrogenic trauma caused by surgery, alleviating the suffering of patients and accelerating the rehabilitation process. The advanced ward introduced and practiced this technology earlier in the city. At present, it has a well-established medical implementation team. The surgical case enrollment rate is over 80%. Combined with minimally invasive surgery, the pain caused by surgery is reduced. The postoperative recovery time is shortened, and the medical experience and physical and mental state of the surgical patients are completely improved.


In order to improve the patient's compliance with treatment and reduce the psychological burden and fear, the senior ward is engaged in effective psychological intervention for patients admitted. Our department cooperates with the psychological teaching and research section of Tianjin Normal University to train the clinician's psychological counseling skills, and to provide patients with psychological counseling and treatment. Effectively solve the various problems and problems faced by patients and their families in the face of disease, open their "heart knot", let patients face the disease correctly, optimisticly participate in treatment, and actively fight against the disease.


The superior ward has excellent star service and is highly praised by patients and their families. The department has an excellent nursing team. All members of the nursing department adhere to the concept of “human culture nursing, family-friendly service”, insist on learning new knowledge and new technology, continuously deepen the service concept, and strive to provide the highest quality and most enthusiastic. The service enables the patient to feel at ease and actively treat in the most intimate and intimate environment. The Department of Nursing was awarded the title of “National Youth Civilization” in 1999 and has been maintained to this day. Since the Tianjin Cancer Hospital carried out the "star service" selection in the whole hospital, the senior ward has been awarded the honorary title of "the three-star department" of the highest level of the hospital.


The advanced ward of Tianjin Cancer Hospital, which is located in the domestic first-class department, has an active academic atmosphere while improving medical work. Academic exchanges will be held in the weekly department to supervise medical staff to obtain new knowledge in cutting-edge medicine. Each year, the department selects doctors to participate in domestic and foreign large-scale cancer conferences, exchange information, and actively follow up on the latest progress in cancer treatment. At present, the department undertakes a number of national and municipal scientific research projects, and publishes several SCI and core journal papers each year. Scientific work and clinical work go hand in hand.

Our Team
Pan Yuan M.D
Qi Daliang M.D