General Introduction

Tianjin Medical University Cancer Hospital always pay attention to the introduction of international advanced technology and equipment.The PET/CT, a large medical equipment called the crown of modern science and technology,was imported at huge costs to our hospital in 2004. As one of the top technology of molecular imaging, PET/CT imaging play an important role in the diagnose of tumors and a variety of diseases of the heart and nervous system. PET/CT scan not only provide information for anatomical imaging but also for functional imaging. It is proved to be useful and helpful for early diagnosis, clinical staging, prognostic evaluation for any disease, especially for tumor.

In order to keep the pace with the development of Tianjin Medical University Cancer Hospital, department of molecular imaging and nuclear medicine was formally founded in 2009 on the basis of the original PET/CT center and nuclear medicineunit after a further integration of medical resources. Our department is already developing into a comprehensive and professional department with a domestic and international advanced level in the last decade. At present, the department is mainly composed by a PET/CT center, a ECT center, a radionuclide treatment unit and a basic scientific research laboratory of molecular imaging, which is increasingly accepted as one of the top department of muclear medicine in China by being characterized by an integration of clinical diagnosis, treatment and basic scientific research. Now we are capable of recruiting and educating doctoral candidates majoring in oncology and master degree candidates majoring in nuclear medicine.


Faculty / Staff

There are 41 members in our team, including a total of 6 employees with senior title, 16 with mid-level title and 19 with primary title. Our faculty is composed of a total of 7 members with doctor’s degree, 13 with master’s degree and 21 with bachelor's degree. competitiveness. The reasonable structure of talents with high creativity and competitiveness will bring us a bright future.

Professor Wengui Xu (M.D) is the director of the department of Molecular Imaging and Nuclear Medicine. He is one of the council members of Chinese Anti Cancer Association(CACA), a chief committee member of panel of tumor nuclear medicine of CACA, a committee member of panel of nuclear medicine in Chinese Medical Doctor Association(CMDA), one of the council members of department of nuclear medicine in Chinese Nuclear Society(CNS), a committee member of department of nuclear medicine in Chinese Society of Imaging Technology(CSIT), a vice-chairmen of department of nuclear medicine in Tianjin medical Doctor Association , a vice-chairmen of department of nuclear medicine in Tianjin Society of Imaging Technology.



Our basic scientific research laboratory is equipped with basic molecular and cellular instruments, including cell incubator, ultra-low temperature freezer, fluorescent microscope, PCR equipment and western equipment, which enable us to accomplish almost all the basic scientific research independently. There are 1 M.D. supervise and 2 master’s supervisors in our department, and a total of 3 students majoring in oncology and 41 students majoring in nuclear medicine have graduated with doctor’s degree and master’s degree, respectively. Recently,our team have made some noticeable progress. To sum up, a total of 2 projects from National Science Foundation of China, 4 projects from National Science Foundation of Tianjin, 6 projects from Tianjin Municipal Education Commission, 2 projects from National Clinical Center are being carried out is our department. In addition, we had participation in the 12th Five-Year Plan projects from Ministry of Science and Technology of People’s Republic of China. Over 60 academic papers are published, of which more than 20 are indexed by SCI.

Clinical service 

GE Discovery ST4 PET/CT

GE Discovery elite PET/CT

GE MINITRACE cyclotron

GE TraceLAB fx-fn synthesizer

GE TraceLAB fx-fn synthesizer

GE TraceLAB fx-fdg synthesizers

GE TraceLAB Fxc carbon multifunctional synthesizer

GE DiscoveryVH SPECT

Breast positron emission tomography (PEM)


Clinical service provided by PET/CT center

18F-FDG PET-CT imaging for diagnosis and differential diagnosis of malignant tumors

18F-FDG PET-CT imaging for clinical staging of malignant tumor

18F-FDG PET-CT imaging for determination of primary lesion for tumors with metastasis

18F-FDG PET-CT for localization and delineation of biological targets for tumor radiotherapy;

CT scan for localization of anatomical targets for radiotherapy

18F-FES PET-CT imaging for estrogen receptor evaluation

18F-FLT PET-CT tumor growth imaging

11C-acetate PET/CT imaging for differential diagnosis 

Enhanced PET/CT imaging


Clinical service provided by ECT center

Whole-body bone scan

Thyroid imaging

131I whole-body imaging

MIBI tumor imaging

Renal dynamic imaging

Sentinel node tests


Clinical service provided by radionuclide therapy unit

131I-radiotherapy for thyroid cancer

89Sr-radiotherapy for osseous metastasis

125I-particle-therapy for solid tumor

131I-Metuximab injection radio-immunotherapy for liver cancer

Our Team
Xu Wengui M.D.