CBM Journal host international seminar with French Editorial Board Member in May, 2023

The Academic Conference of Editorial Board of Cancer Biology & Medicine (CBM) was successfully held in Tianjin Medical University Cancer Institute and Hospital on May 30, 2023. Mr. Roland Sicard, the President of Cancer Institute Avignon-Provence, France; Professor Jean Francois Rossi, the Editorial Board Member of CBM and the Professor of Hematology at the University of Montpellier; Professor Martin Villalba, the Researcher of Institute for Regenerative Medicine and Biotherapy (IRMB) in Montpellier; Professor Kexin Chen, the Vice President of Tianjin Medical University Cancer Institute and Hospital; Professor Guoguang Ying, the Deputy Director of Tianjin Medical University Cancer Institute and the Deputy Editor-in-Chief of CBM; Professor Ruifang Niu, the Deputy Director of Tianjin Medical University Cancer Institute; Professor Baocun Sun, the Executive Deputy Editor of Chinese Journal of Clinical Oncology; Professor Han Liang, the Executive Deputy Editor of Chinese Journal of Clinical Oncology, and Dr. Huiqin Liu, the Director of the Editorial Office of Chinese Journal of Clinical Oncology and CBM participated in the seminar.

Vice President Kexin Chen welcomed the editorial board members on behalf of the hospital, and she mentioned that Tianjin Medical University Cancer Institute and Hospital attaches great importance to international communication and hopes that this conference can promotes bilateral cooperation in scientific research. In the meantime, she expressed her gratitude to foreign editorial board members for their strong support to CBM. She said that the editorial board members play an important role in the development of CBM, and the journal will continue to actively cooperate with the editorial board to build a high-quality academic publication in the future. Professor Guoguang Ying demonstrated the development of Tianjin Medical University Cancer Institute and Hospital from the aspects of discipline construction, personnel training system and scientific research fields. He mentioned that Tianjin Medical University Cancer Hospital is the birthplace of oncology in China, and it is the first batch of national malignant cancer clinical research center. Tianjin Medical University Cancer Institute has achieved a series of achievements in the fields of cancer epidemiology, tumor pathology, tumorigenesis mechanism and immunotherapy, etc.Dr. Huiqin Liu introduced the aims, review process and academic influence of CBM. Under the leadership of the editor-in-chief, Academician Xishan Hao, CBM focuses on reporting innovative research in tumor translational medicine, and implements open access and has been indexed in important databases, such as MEDLINE and SCI.

During the meeting, Mr. Roland Sicard mentioned that he expected to expand the collaboration opportunities between Cancer Institute Avignon-Provence and Tianjin Medical University Cancer Institute and Hospital in multi-disciplines, such as translational research. Professor Jean Francois Rossi gave a speech entitled Precision Immunotherapy for Oncology, and shared the research progress of autologous cell immunotherapy, allogeneic cell immunotherapy, tumor vaccine, and immune adjuvant. Meanwhile, he introduced the efficacy of IL-6 antagonists in multiple myeloma and cytokine release syndrome. Professor Martin Villalba introduced his research about CAR-NK cell therapy, shared the preparation method of CAR-NK cells and the tools to enhance the activity of killing CAR-NK cells.

This international exchange event obtained recognition from scholars and researchers in the hospital. CBM will continue to devote itself to create an international academic exchange platform.