The Ultrasound Department of Tianjin Medical University Cancer Hospital was founded in 1980 and was renamed as Ultrasonic diagnosis and treatment Department in 2009, which began with only one ultrasonic diagnostic instrument and three ultrasonic doctors, through continuous accumulation and innovation, developping into a large department with 17 advanced equipments and 29 persons , including 3 doctors, 14 masters, and about 180000 patients per year.


Under the leadership of Director Zhang Sheng, in the spirit of constant innovation,our department has launched a number of new technologies. The ultrasonic diagnosis and treatment department carried out the interventional ultrasound diagnosis and treatment technology in 1991. The numbers of interventional diagnosis and treatment reach more than 4000 cases every year. Ultrasonic guided radiofrequency ablation (RFCA) was carried out in 2004, which has been used in the treatment of hemangioma, small liver cancer, thyroid nodule of renal carcinoma. In addition to ablation therapy, we also carried out seed implantation, sclerotherapy, drainage of effusion, biopsy of tumors, and so on.


In 2012, our department proposed the improved TI-RADS (Thyroid imaging reporting and data system). The diagnostic accuracy was higher than that of other classification systems. which has been widely used in the diagnosis of thyroid ultrasound in our country.

In 2017, SMI (superb-microvascular imaging)was applied to the diagnosis of breast, thyroid and kidney tumors, which improved the accuracy of diagnosis and provides more accurate and personalized diagnosis and treatment services.


In scientific research, our department has undertaken and participated in the two projects of National Natural Science Foundation, the project of bureau and school levels more than 20, published more than 50 scientific research papers; Participated in the compilation of 《Breast Oncology,》《head and neck Oncology》, 《Concise Oncology》and so on.

Our Team
Sheng Zhang M.D.,Ph.D.